Kobzari Kozachok

Kobzari Kozachok

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Canada's Ukrainian Shumka Dancers

Today, we are excited to be launching our pandemic-inspired digital version of “Kobzari Kozachok.” Bringing together artists from the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America (UBC) and Ukrainian Shumka Dancers from locations throughout the US and Canada, the film celebrates the vibrancy and strength of our Ukrainian culture... a strength that more than doubles when song and dance meet. We hope to share “Kobzari Kozachok” with thousands around the globe through the magic of online communications. Choreographed by Paul Olijnyk and Laura Stachniak, this original piece was performed in 2017 as part of the UBC/Shumka Kobzari project in Toronto, Windsor and Edmonton. This digital version features outdoor excerpts filmed in various North American landmarks in the Summer of 2021. Shumka thanks Leslie Sereda of Blue Toque Productions for filming and editing; the Shevchenko Foundation for funding assistance for the project; and Film & Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA) for their support through the Studio 19 Program.


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